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There’s nothing worse than a sudden aircon breakdown, especially during hot days. But opting for professional repair services can save you from that uncomfortable situation. 

Let Top Air Cond Services be your go-to for aircon repair and maintenance. We provide quality service all at cost-effective rates. Give us a call to know more.

Why Choose Us For Professional Aircon Repair

At Top Air Cond Services, our expert technicians are familiar with all types of air conditioning units. We provide repair, maintenance, and even installation services for both residential and commercial spaces.

Meeting our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost priority. Expect our team to arrive on time, in proper gear, and with complete tools and equipment.

For your safety and protection, everyone in the team has been background checked.

Air Cond Repair Malaysia

Importance Of Professional Aircon Repair Services

Over time, air conditioning units will wear and tear, reducing its efficiency. If not serviced immediately, it can cause permanent damage.

To avoid this, you need professional repair services. Here are some benefits:

1. Allows unit longevity

Air conditioning units are made up of complex parts that need regular maintenance. Some of these are too technical for an ordinary person to understand. One mistake can cost you the entire appliance. Having it repaired by experts guarantees an optimal and long-lasting product.

2. Enhanced air quality

Modern air conditioning units do more than just give off cool air these days. Some are equipped with air purifying qualities.

But without regular maintenance, air filters can become so clogged up with dust and dirt, causing system malfunction. Professionals will ensure that your AC is safe to use, especially if there are young kids or elderly people inhabiting the home.

3. More cost-effective

If you think hiring professionals will just cost you more money, think again. Imagine trying to repair your unit by yourself: You buy all these tools you don’t even know how to use and are not knowledgeable about the technical parts. Moreover, it’s more costly to buy a new one in case you damage it in the process.

4. Spot underlying problems

There’s no more qualified person to check your AC for problems than a professional repair technician. You might dismiss unusual sounds or slower airflow to an aging unit. But, these might be telltale signs already that there’s a bigger issue on hand.

Professional repair services will be able to assess your aircon’s condition and provide solutions. If left unserviced, it may deteriorate completely.

What To Expect From Our Aircon Repair?

Prior to the visit, our technicians should know beforehand what is wrong based on discussions with the client. But expect him to start on a trial and error discovery process. There might be some issues overlooked.

Once the diagnosis is completed, they will make the necessary repairs. Remember, each service is different depending on the unit’s condition. However, the process should include the following:

  • Test thermostat for proper operation
  • Clean (or replace) air filters
  • Inspect fan bearing for possible wears; lubricate if necessary
  • Identify leakage from drainage pipes; flush out excess debris after
  • Tighten loose wiring
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Check coolant level

Faqs About Professional Aircon Repair

1. What’s the price of aircon repair services?

Pricing will depend on your aircon type and the kind of repairs it needs. It’s best to have your repair company come in for a diagnostic inspection to provide a proper estimate. You may need to pay for extra if some parts need to be replaced.

    2. How do I know if my aircon needs repairing?

    Obviously, if you notice that it doesn’t cool enough anymore or if the airflow is not consistent. Unusual noise, leaks, and even foul odors are signs that your AC unit needs to get checked by a professional ASAP.

      3. How often should aircon be repaired?

      It’s important to have your unit for maintenance check at least twice a year.

        4. How to book a professional for aircon repair?

        You may check our website for more information or give us a call so we can assist you in figuring out the problem. We can then recommend the appropriate solutions.

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