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  • Affordable price and packages for aircon servicing.
  • Experienced in all types of air conditioner issues.
“I’m so glad I hired this company for my air cond services. They are very professional and provided me with a free quote before starting any work. Their technicians were great, quick to respond and did the job perfectly! Highly recommended!” – Peter Cheah

Local Aircond Servicing in Petaling Jaya (PJ)

Are you looking for a reliable air cond service in Petaling Jaya (PJ)?

We have a team of experienced aircond service specialist from PJ who are ready to help you! No matter if you need air cond installation, repair or installation, or chemical cleaning, we can do it all. With years of experience servicing aircon, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Our goal is to provide you with the best air cond services in Petaling Jaya. To make sure of this, all of our aircon experts are have years of experience and can handle all types of air cond issues.

We are ready to complete customer satisfaction, so call us today to get a quick and free quote!

Aircond Service Petaling Jaya

Types of Residential & Commercial Aircond Services in Petaling Jaya

There are many different types of aircond services in Petaling Jaya that we offer. Our technicians are experienced and qualified to provide the following:

air cond general cleaning

Air Cond General Cleaning

Have you noticed that your air cond unit is struggling to cool down the room? A dirty filter can make it worse.

Let our service technicians in Petaling Jaya provide you with general cleaning for your air cond unit.

air cond chemical cleaning

AirCon Chemical Cleaning

If you’re noticing that your room does not seem as cold as it used to, then it’s time for AC chemical cleaning.

Our technicians will make sure that your air cond unit is running smoothly.

aircon overhaul cleaning

Air Cond Overhaul Cleaning

With our air cond overall cleaning in Petaling Jaya, you can have your unit looking brand new.

We will clean the exterior of the air conditioner and make sure that it is running efficiently.

air cond repair

Air Cond Repair

There are many reasons why your air cond unit might not be working. It could be a malfunctioning motor, compressor, or controller board.

Our technicians will find the problem with our aircon repair service.

air cond maintenance

Air Cond Maintenance

If you want to prolong the life of your air cond unit, then it’s time for an overall maintenance check.

Our technicians will make sure that your AC is operating perfectly and they’ll advise you on how often should be serviced.

ac installation

AirCon Installation

Perhaps you are looking to install a new air conditioner in your home or office. We can help you!

Our technicians can install any type of air cond unit and will make sure that it is working well.

Why Choose Us For Aircond Servicing in PJ

Homeowners and business owners in Petaling Jaya have trusted our team for aircon servicing. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

Experienced AC technicians

Our technicians from Petaling Jaya have helped over thousands of homeowners and business owners to settle their aircond issue.

Best Price Guaranteed

We provide our AC services in Petaling Jaya at the most competitive price. We guarantee that you will not find a better offer anywhere else!

High-Quality Service

Our technicians are committed to having our customers 100% satisfied. We will go above and beyond your expectations.


All our air cond technicians wear face masks as part the precautions steps

What Our Customers Says About Our Air Cond Service

Here are what some people say about their experience with our aircond services:

“We had some problems with our air cond unit, but after Top Air Cond Services was done servicing it, we have not had any more issues! Thanks so much!”
Melinda Low

“I am really happy to find a company that can provide me quality AC service. They were fast and did the job perfectly. Highly recommended!”
Andy Chow

“My AC unit was not working properly for some time until this company came by. They were able to diagnose the issue with it, so now my room is cool again!
Jim Tan

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Benefits To Hire a Professional Aircond Service in Petaling Jaya

You might be wondering why you should hire a professional aircond service in PJ instead of doing the installation, repair, or maintenance work yourself.

Here are some reasons that might convince you to choose an experienced team over attempting tasks on your own:

Reduced AC Repair Costs

Your aircond might break down every now and then, but it is not a good idea to try troubleshooting the problem yourself as you may end up causing even more damage.

In fact, many people spend more on repairs when they attempt DIY fixes for their broken ACs instead of hiring an experienced team that can provide long-lasting solutions.

This is why it is always a good idea to have the professionals take care of your aircon service needs.

Eliminates The Hassle Of DIY Air Cond Repair Tasks

Installing, repairing, and maintaining an AC unit can be a hassle, especially if you do not have any experience with the task.

Trying to fix something that you are not familiar with can be dangerous, so it is always a good idea to leave this work up to the professionals. You can relax knowing that an experienced team will take care of your aircon needs while you focus on other important tasks.

Enhanced AC Performance And Efficiency

To enjoy the full benefits of ACs, it is important that you maintain and service them regularly. This allows your aircon to operate at its best performance level while preventing any malfunctions from occurring.

When you hire a professional aircond service in Petaling Jaya, they will ensure that your AC runs as it should and can provide long-term benefits such as reduced energy bills for the years to come.

Contact Our Aircond Specialist in PJ

If you need aircon service in Petaling Jaya, our team of technicians is available to assist you and answer all your questions about our services. No matter what type of air cond issues you’re facing, our aircond service technicians from PJ can handle it all.

Contact us today to get a free quote and schedule an appointment.

“I had my air cond unit serviced by this company and they did an excellent job! Their technicians are fast, efficient and skilled. I am very pleased with the work they did!” – Melissa Wong

FAQs about Our Aircon Service in PJ

We know many of our customers in Petaling Jaya have questions about our air conditioning services so here are some frequently asked questions with answers.

What's the cost of air cond service in Petaling Jaya?

The cost of air-cond service in Petaling Jaya depends on the type of service you need. Please contact us for a quote and we will provide the best price in Petaling Jaya!

What if my AC is not working?

If your air cond unit is not working then it’s time to call in the professionals. We provide all types of AC services and our technicians are experienced in diagnosing problems with units.

Can I repair my own air conditioner?

It’s not recommended that you attempt to fix your own air cond unit. You could potentially make the problem worse, so it is best to let our technicians handle all types of AC services in Petaling Jaya.

How to book an air-cond service near me?

All you have to do is contact us via WhatsApp. Let us know the type of services you need and we will provide a quote.

How long does it take to service an air conditioner?

This depends on the type of AC service you need. For example, if it is a general maintenance check then we can do this in one hour or less.

However, more complex services like aircon installation and repair may take longer than an hour.