Looking For Air Cond Overhaul Cleaning in Malaysia?

An aircon is an essential part of someone’s home or office. It provides the occupants’ utmost comfort. But just like any machine, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. One way to do this is through overhaul cleaning.

Let Top Air Cond Services do it for you. We provide professional aircon overhaul cleaning services. Contact us to know more.

Why Choose Us Our Overhaul Cleaning Services

Top Air Cond Services offers professional overhaul cleaning services and other aircon needs.

We have a team of expert technicians who know how to handle different units and the most appropriate cleaning products to use for each step. 

We understand the need for a well-functioning unit so we employ our own developed techniques to make sure that we meet client expectations.

Air Cond Overhaul Cleaning Malaysia

Importance Of Overhaul Cleaning Your Aircon

Unlike aircon overhaul cleaning, this method involves completely dismantling each part of the unit to be cleaned and checked for damages. This is appropriate when you notice your AC is not cooling well enough, making loud noises, or leaking water. 

There are many benefits to having your unit for professional overhaul cleaning:

1. Operate longer

A malfunctioning air conditioner is most likely due to the accumulated dirt, dust, and debris. These can block the unit and affect its cooling properties. 

During overhaul cleaning, you can expect all nooks and crannies of the unit to be thoroughly cleaned, extending its serviceability. 

2. Reduce repairing costs

Since overhaul cleaning involves dismantling all parts, the technician will be able to assess if there are damages or parts that need to be replaced. For example, there might be blockages in the drains causing water leaks.

If not for overhaul cleaning, you wouldn’t be able to see that there are problems that if left unattended, can damage your unit permanently. 

3. Reduce energy consumption

A faulty air conditioning unit uses more energy than normal. Overhaul cleaning helps maintain its proper function and prevent it from overworking.

4. Peace of mind

It can be very frustrating when your AC breaks down, especially when you need it the most. Therefore, it’s important to have it scheduled for overhaul cleaning to make sure it stays in tip-top shape. 

Moreover, having professionals do it is more convenient and saves you time so you can focus instead on more important matters.

What To Expect From Our Air Cond Overhaul Cleaning

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this type of service is that all system parts, internal and external, are cleaned.

In general, you can expect these to be performed in an overhaul cleaning service:

  • Lubricate fan bearings to reduce noise
  • Clean air filters, evaporator coils, and drainage pipes
  • Inspect thermostat and other controls
  • Replace loose or faulty wiring
  • Flush out excess debris to remove blockages

Take note that some parts might need repairing, while others need total replacement.


FAQs About Air Cond Overhaul Cleaning

1. What’s the price of aircon overhaul cleaning?

Not all air conditioning units suffer from the same condition, so pricing will definitely vary. It also depends on the type of unit and if there are parts that need to get replaced or repaired.

    2. How do I know if my aircon needs cleaning?

    One of the symptoms you should look out for is when it doesn’t cool enough. There must be an accumulation of dirt affecting proper airflow. Moreover, you need to get it cleaned if you notice any leakages, foul smells, or loud noises.

      3. How often should aircon be cleaned?

      It depends mostly on the height of the room. There should be sufficient distance from the floor for the best cooling performance. It is best to consult with professionals regarding the proper measurements and best location.

        4. What is the price of aircon installation services?

        On average, at least once a year is good for it to maintain optimum efficiency. But it’s best to check with professionals so they can provide proper recommendations.

        5. How to book an aircon overhaul cleaning?

        Top Air Cond Services is more than happy to assist you with your aircon cleaning needs. You may check our services on our website, or better yet, give as a call so we can give you a sample estimate.

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          Ultimately, it is very important to have your aircon regularly cleaned by professionals. Overhaul cleaning, to be exact, can make your unit last longer while you avoid costly repairs. Call us for a FREE quote.