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At some point, your aircon doesn’t give off the same cool air as it did before. This is usually a telltale sign that it needs a good cleaning. And not just regular cleaning but an air cond chemical wash.

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Why Choose Us For Air Con Chemical Wash Services

At Top Air Cond Services, our team of air cond technicians in Malaysia has the experience and knowledge to perform chemical cleaning services.

They know how to handle different types of units and brands. They’ve developed effective processes and techniques to best get optimum results. 

Moreover, we only use products that are safe, non-toxic, and in compliance with health and safety regulations.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients through adequate preparation to make sure they’re happy and satisfied.

Air Cond Chemical Wash Malaysia

Why You Need To Book Professional Aircon Chemical Wash Services

A malfunctioning air conditioner is usually caused by the accumulation of dirt over time. It blocks pipes and filters affecting airflow. 

An aircon chemical wash is a cleaning solution that needs to be carried out by professionals. This, you can’t effectively do on your own for it involves handling of chemicals.

Here are some benefits of professional aircon chemical wash services in Malaysia:

1. Prevent immediate dirt build-up

Try putting a single unit in a large building: It’ll be expensive, not to mention, the distribution of airflow would not be sufficient for everyone. The solution, therefore, is installing centralized units. 

As the name implies, this type of AC is appropriate for larger spaces like offices, malls, and other commercial buildings. It is built with a large compressor with tons of air conditioning capacity. 

Moreover, centralized units have better filters; thus, giving off better air quality. It also operates more quietly than others and is typically installed in the ceiling.

2. Restore to its best functionality

Professional air cond cleaning experts know how to handle all types of units, as well as the appropriate products to use. You’ll know that all components of your air conditioning unit are cleaned thoroughly, which are essential for it to properly work like nothing happened.

3. Improve energy efficiency

If air filters are blocked by dust or debris, chances are your AC will overwork itself using more energy than usual. 

But if you have professionals clean it, not only will there be an increase in system efficiency but energy consumption will be reduced saving from expensive electric bills.

4. Get value for money

When you hire professionals, you will also be taking advantage of their years of expertise and experience. You’re guaranteed that your appliance is in good hands. Also, chemical washing prevents frequent repairs.

The Process Of Aircon Chemical Wash

The first step is to dismantle the aircon unit so that all parts will be cleaned. Then, using chemical-based solutions, the technician will wash the air filters, fan coils, water trays, blowers, etc. This ensures that any accumulated dirt and grime will be removed.  

Next, the drainage system will be cleaned and vacuumed to get rid of any blockages. The technician will then check if other parts are workinglike compressor suction and fan motor—and inspect if there are leakages.

A general aircon chemical wash also involves the following:

  • Fix any loose wiring
  • Use special lube to seal grease on fan bearings
  • Flush out excess debris
  • Use the sanitizing mixture to finish

After everything is done, all parts will be put back together and the unit will be tested out if well functioning.


FAQs About Air Cond Chemical Wash

1. What is aircon chemical cleaning?

An air cond chemical wash involves the extensive cleaning of an air conditioning unit, including the fan coils, using chemical-based solutions.

    2. Why use a chemical cleaning solution?

    When normal cleaning products are not enough to penetrate a blockage, for example, chemical solutions are much more effective to use.

      3. Is chemical wash for aircon necessary?

      Yes. While regular cleaning can get rid of dirt and dust, there is still more toxic gunk accumulated in an AC’s more sensitive parts like the condenser and evaporator foil.

        4. Why do we need to clean the aircon?

        Dirty air filters, for example, prevent proper airflow. Thus, it’s important to have your aircon regularly cleaned to work properly and prolong its lifespan.

          5. What’s the price of aircon chemical wash?

          Pricing will depend on the unit type and its current condition. You may need to pay for additional if it needs extra services. It’s best to discuss first with your cleaning company to know how much overall.

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