A night of peaceful and undisturbed sleep is one of the many simple ways you can reward yourself after a hectic day. But that simple joy of hitting the sack can easily turn into worry and irritation after finding out that your air conditioner is making noises. How to ensure a good’s night sleep? Find out the cause and have ‘em fixed. 

Here are some of the most noises your air conditioner makes and what these could possibly indicate.

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A faint hum coming from an aircon is known to be common and normal, but it may also be a sign of an electrical problem. This humming can be due to a loose part and/ or refrigerant problems. 


An earsplitting buzzing noise can mean a long list of possible problems. It may be caused by a loose part, defective fan blades, freezing due to refrigerant leak, and/or a dirty air filter and condenser coil. Either way, call your technician to prevent it from causing further damage. 


A banging sound usually signifies a loose or broken part. It might be a sign that your piston pin is out of order, your connecting rod has gone amiss, or that your air conditioner needs a compressor replacement.


A clanking most likely means that your fan blades are uneven or your compressor has gone loose. It is best to notify your technician to have it resolved right away.


With air conditioners, any “screech” requires immediate professional attention. One of the reasons it makes this particular noise is because of a refrigerant leak. It might also be because of pressure from the compressor. When you hear this sound, turn your unit off and call the experts right away.

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Air conditioners usually make faint clicking after turning it on or off. But a persistent clicking sound could be a sign of a faulty and failing thermostat control. If this issue continues, call your technician right away for a check-up and/ or repair.


A rattling sound possibly means that some parts have started to loosen up like your fan, which is hitting other parts. Your aircon may also have leaves and twigs inside, which might have blocked the line of the system. 


A high-pitch squealing might be the result of its fan belt deteriorating or being misaligned. Few units have belts that link the fan and motor. Leaving your unit with this kind of issue will likely cost you expensive damages in the future, so call the professionals right away.

Air conditioners are an investment and require maintenance on a regular basis. Over time, issues will show up, and attending to them right away is highly advised to prevent costlier repairs or even replacements down the line. Read this guide on how often to service an air cond.

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