Imagine yourself on a hot summer day, drenched in sweat and ready to turn on that air condition for a relaxing cooldown. But then lo and behold, your aircon releases a wave of warm air. Who wouldn’t get frustrated with that, right? 

When it comes to air condition issues, some of them are pretty easy to fix, while others might need help from a professional air cond service team in Malaysia. While they can assess and diagnose the issue, it’s still best that you equip yourself with sufficient knowledge on the main reasons why your aircon may not be working efficiently in cooling down your house. 

Why Is Your Aircon Not Cooling Your House

  • Dirty air filter

This is perhaps the most common cause of why your aircon fails to cool your house. The air filter serves as the trap for any form of small particles (like dust) that come out of its vent. 

Over time, these particles get accumulated in the filter, thus clogging it and preventing air from coming out. It is important to regularly clean your air filter to avoid this kind of issue. 

  • Damaged ductworks

One thing to consider checking first if your aircon is not emitting cool air is the external parts of your AC, particularly its duct. It is the ductwork that primarily carries and delivers the air towards the vent of your aircon. So if your ducts have holes in them, that could cause the cool air to leak before it could even reach your room. 

  • Thermostat problems
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An aircon’s thermostat is basically the one that controls the temperature to however you prefer it to be. So if your AC’s thermostat is defective, then that could potentially affect the regulation of air that it releases. One common thing that people usually overlook is if the thermostat is calibrated properly. Adjust the thermostat first, or better yet, just leave it at “auto.”

  • Insufficient amount of refrigerant

The refrigerant is a fluid that can be found inside the aircon system and is responsible for heat-absorption. It is the integral substance that converts heat to cool air. If your aircon’s refrigerant level is low, then that could potentially prevent your AC from cooling. Certain signs might point to probable issues with the refrigerant, however, it is still best to contact professional help to avoid further complications.

  • Faulty compressor

Another internal part of your aircon system that could malfunction and prevent it from blowing cold air is the compressor. The compressor is the one that moves the refrigerant back and forth from the evaporator and condensors, maintaining the cold air that gets released into the system’s vent. So if your compressor doesn’t work properly, this could stop your AC from regulating this process and eventually producing cool air. 

What To Do If Your Air Cond Still Have Issues?

Although there are certain issues that you fix on your own, it is still highly recommended that you contact an expert right away. Sometimes, the cause of the issue is actually more serious than it seems, so having professionals to properly assess and diagnose the problem would be more beneficial to you. Plus, they’re trained to specifically fix air conditioners and are knowledgeable enough to prevent further damage to your unit. We recommend you to service your air cond on a regular basis to make sure it is always in the top condition.

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