Have you ever stood outside an office building or even outside your home where the exhaust of the air conditioning unit is situated? Remember the hot air that gusts out? This is due to the part of an air conditioning unit called a condenser and it emits hot air as part of the cooling process. The condenser includes the vital parts of the AC unit, including the compressor, blower or exhaust fan, motors, capacitors, and the condenser coil.

While some usually confuse condenser coil and evaporator coil, always keep in mind that you can find the condenser coil outdoors, while the evaporator coil can be found indoors, a usual instance in a split-type aircon. 

The condenser coil is a major component in a condenser and an equally important part of the air conditioning unit. The condenser coil is where the heat is transferred from inside a warm, enclosed space into an open one.

Now, have you ever wondered about the process of air conditioning systems and how they work internally?

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Aircon Condenser Coil and Its Functions

Taking the accumulated heat from the inside spaces, the air condition transfers the heated refrigerant into the compressor. The compressor then will pressurize the heated refrigerant, turning it back into a liquid, and then channels it into the condenser coil where heat is pushed out, using a blower or exhaust fan.

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However, there are various things to consider for this process to happen successfully. For starters, the maintenance of the outside and inside parts of the unit is equally important. Any failure from either of the two will affect the process altogether.

Second, regular cleaning of the condenser coils is a must. Dirt accumulated in them may cause damage and inefficiency in your unit. In most cases, dirty condenser coils result in a shortened life span of the appliance.

How to Take Care of your Aircon Condenser Coil and Unit

Apart from regular cleaning of the condenser and evaporator coils, it is also essential to schedule a proper check-up and maintenance tune-up from air conditioning professionals. It’s important to have the trained experts do this – instead of attempting to DIY – to ensure the proper and safe handling of your unit. 

By working with a professional, you can be assured of the best service. They are fully equipped, trained, and have the expertise to fix any type of repair. You can also schedule proper maintenance to prevent future issues–whether big or small ones. You can save a lot of money with proper maintenance.

In a country that experiences extreme heat and humidity, you need regular upkeep of your units. Call Top Air Cond Services today and get a FREE quote!

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