It’s the middle of summer and you’re starting to feel like your home is a sauna.

You’ve tried opening windows, using fans, or even turning on the air conditioner- but nothing seems to be working! It’s time for some air conditioning tips.

Air conditioners are great when they work properly, but there can be more wrong with them than just not feeling cool enough.

In this blog post, we’ll go over things given by our experts at Top Air Cond Services to help you keep your AC running without any problems!

Read on below to know more:

Take Time to Clean Your AC’s Condenser Coils 

One thing you need to know when you own an AC unit is that it won’t be able to function well without a clean condenser coil.

A condenser coil is a part of your cooling system that works by transferring heat from the air conditioner to the outdoor coil.

It’s an important component that needs to be cleaned regularly in order for your AC unit to work well.

That’s why you need a professional cleaning twice yearly or more if there is excessive dirt on it.

The process of cleaning your condenser coils can include using chemical-free solutions and hot water.

The coil should be scrubbed with a brush and the dirt should be rinsed off for best results.

Clean coils will help your AC unit to work better, which means you’ll save on energy costs over time too!

Save More Money on Energy Bills by Regular AC Servicing 

AC servicing seems to be unimportant for some, but if you want to make the most out of your money and keep your AC running for a long time, then this is a mindset that needs to be changed.

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Regular AC servicing entails inspecting the condenser coils and cleaning them when needed to make sure that they’re free of any dirt or grime buildup before it causes an issue with your unit’s performance.

It also ensures that each component of your AC unit is thoroughly inspected and tested for any issues, and is taken care of to avoid potential repairs later down the line.

Regular servicing of your AC can help your catch issues before they pose problems to your system.

It also means more savings in the long run, as it provides a way for you and your AC unit to speak with each other when there’s an issue or problem that needs solving.

Inspect Your Cooling Unit For Leaks 

One thing you need to know about AC units is that leaks are bound to happen, especially when they’re old.

Leaks are dangerous because they can cause mold growth and other problems that affect the performance of your AC unit, but also pose a health risk to you.

With this in mind, it’s vital that you know how to identify leaks in your AC unit,

Namely, by inspecting for any unusual sounds or noises that may indicate a leak. In the event you find one, consult an HVAC specialist immediately.

Don’t take chances with leaks; if they’re not taken care of right away, it might even lead to a fire outbreak due to electrical hazards.

Make Use of Airconditioner Timer Control 

If you’re a new owner of an AC unit, you need to take note that there is a feature that helps prevent your AC from running too long.

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If you are not home, your AC may run for too long and drain unnecessary power. This is where the timer control of your unit can help.

You just have to set up a time limit using the settings provided by the manufacturer. In this way, it’s possible that even when you’re away, you can easily make sure your AC does not run when you’re at work.

The air conditioner timer control is a feature that can be found in most models of the units today, and it’s worth exploring this option to see if it will fit what you need for your home.


We hope this blog has helped you learn more about your AC unit.

Be sure to keep all of these tips and advice in mind so you can get the most out of your investment.

If you have any questions or would like our team to help with your installation, maintenance and repairs, contact us today!