Air conditioners are one of the most valuable appliances that we would have in our homes. They not only filter and cool the air in your place, but they also provide you ultimate comfort and prevent heat-related health issues. Moreover, having an air conditioning unit around will provide you with numerous benefits, mainly if a professional air conditioning service provider maintains it well. But sadly, not everyone knows how to take care of their units, leading to severe damage and more costly repairs.

To ensure that the air con you have is working at its optimum and avoid causing more strain, we have here the top 3 things you might be doing that are damaging your unit. Learning this will surely help you in the long run so go forth!

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Leaving Your Conditioning Unit Running When You’re Away 

It may be surprising to others, but many homeowners leave their conditioning unit on even if they aren’t home. It’s common to want to come to a cool and cozy room after a long tiring day at work, but it isn’t practical to turn your air-con running for countless hours just for you to hop in your bed right away and go to sleep. Instead, you can ask your family member to turn your AC for you an hour or 30 minutes before you arrive; in that way, you can still get the comfort that you want without waiting for a long time!

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Because not only will this lead to a high rise in your electricity bills, but it will also put a lot of strain on your conditioning unit, which leads to early damage. Furthermore, it isn’t advised to let your AC unit run for hours with no breaks. You need to let your appliance rest if you want it to last you for a long time. Remember, overworking your conditioning unit will risk it to more possible wear and tear.

Not Taking the Time to Clean Your Air con Unit 

We all know and understand how busy life is. With all the piles of workload and responsibilities at home you need to deal with every day, it can be challenging to squeeze in the task of cleaning up your air-con. However, regardless of how busy you are, it is still a MUST to clean your unit if you don’t want it to acquire any damage that can be costly to repair in the long run.

Leaving your air conditioner unclean for an extended period of time will not only damage the air conditioner, but it can also affect you and your family. The unit’s filters help to trap up any dirt particles and prevent them from circulating in your house. When the filter becomes clogged with dust, it stops working efficiently and blows out dusty and dirty air.

To avoid such thing from happening, schedule a regular AC cleaning schedule at least once a month for the best conditioning system performance!

Neglecting Air Conditioning Maintenance 

Air con units, just like many appliances, require regular maintenance. If you don’t practice this, issues can arise and will leave things out of control. Air cons can acquire wear and tear, some of which are too tiny for you to notice. Scheduling a professional air con service provider once in a while to have your unit’s components checked can indeed do you wonders and save your air con from facing significant problems that may be irreversible.

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Furthermore, having your AC regularly checked can also save you from spending a lot of money on severe issues and costly repairs.


To sum it all up, learning the things to avoid when handling your air con will surely help you in the long run. AC units, just like our other appliances, need attention and care. If we fail to do so, it’s going to cost us a lot of money and hassle.