Air conditioning systems consistently provide comfort, no matter where we are. They offer a refreshing chill that significantly enhances our comfort and can even lower the risk of health problems such as stroke. For this reason, it’s crucial to have your air conditioning system routinely inspected by a skilled Shah Alam air cond technician to ensure it’s working at its best.

It can be confusing when to have your air conditioner serviced, especially if it’s not causing any issues. However, there are several signs that can give you an indication that it needs to be checked right away, and we’ve listed them all below to provide you with a better insight. Check them out!

1. Your AC Created Bad Odor and Strange Sounds

When the air conditioner begins to make odd noises, it’s essential to get it inspected. If you hear metal grinding against another metal, switch off the machine quickly and do not use it to prevent further injury. It is only a matter of time before the system completely collapses in this situation. A burning smell emerging from the air conditioner may be a sign of burnt wire insulation.

2. The Conditioning Unit has Limited Airflow

If air is not circulating throughout your home or business, you should have it inspected. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, such as clogged filters or blocked radiators. Dirt and dust could build up in the vent, clogging the radiators. A faulty compressor might cause decreased airflow. Regular use of the unit can take a considerable toll, lowering the compressor’s performance.

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3. Air conditioner Leakage 

If your air conditioner’s refrigerant is starting to leak, you should act immediately. The refrigerant has the possibility to be hazardous to humans and animals. If a liquid is leaking from your unit, you may have a clogged drain tube. However, it is not as dangerous as a refrigerant leak; disregarding it can lead to more complications. It’s indeed critical to identify air conditioning problems before they become severe.

4. The Air Produced By The AC is Hot 

If the air coming from the ventilation isn’t quite as cold as it used to be, it’s an indication that your air conditioner requires to be repaired. Even when set to maximum, a compressor that doesn’t even blow cold air is an obvious sign of a malfunctioning compressor. The absence of cool air may also indicate that the refrigerant level is insufficient.  

5. Conditioner Temperature Increase

An increase in AC unit temperature could indicate that the air conditioner has a dirty coil, damaged electronic parts, a damaged motor fan, or a refrigerant leak. It would be best if you did not try to restore the machine yourself. Instead, hire a professional to do that for you.

6. Moisture in Your AC system

Your AC’s system is designed to stay dry at all times; otherwise, mold and mildew could develop in your system and home. If you notice a leak, the system might just have a polluted or broken condensate drain, which requires immediate attention.

7. The Conditioning Unit Increases Your Electricity Bills

Your air conditioning system is the most energy-intensive appliance in your home. If it was functioning correctly last season, but your electricity bills have increased this year, that’s a good indication that your system needs to be inspected. When this happens, it’s better to call in a professional since this usually means a serious issue and cannot easily be fixed by anyone who doesn’t have the right tools, knowledge, and skills. 

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When you own an AC, you need to have keen eyes and excellent observation skills since you can usually catch early problems by keeping note of your conditioning unit. The moment you notice that the listen indicators above are happening, be sure to call in a specialist to help you out properly!