Learn more on how you can avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to your air conditioning unit. This article will provide you the dos and don’ts for aircon unit maintenance. 

For peace of mind and security, let the professional air cond service provider take care of the cleaning, maintenance, and repairs of your unit.

Maintain The Best Quality Of Your Aircon Unit

When it comes to having a comfortable home, one factor to consider is the temperature and humidity of a room. Aircon units guarantee a room that is cool and comfortable –  not too cold, and not too hot.

Bear in mind that aircon units are not like an electric fan that you can just simply turn on and off. Aircon units work on complicated machinery and systems that need to be maintained and checked regularly.

What Are The Specific Parts Of An Aircon Unit That Needs Maintainance And Regular Inspection

There are five major parts of an air conditioning unit. You must inspect each regularly. For proper and correct assessment, leave it to the professionals. They are more knowledgeable and have been trained to specifically that perform quality assurance and quality control of your aircon unit. 

Here are the five major parts of an aircon that you should know:


This is also known as coolant. It is a special fluid that is responsible for the cooling technology of an aircon unit. It is a liquid form that converts to a vapor, helping to cool down your room colder.


This part works with the refrigerant. It adds pressure to the refrigerant, making it hotter than the air temperature coming from the outside.

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Condenser Coil

This allows the refrigerant to turn back to its normal state after being pressurized by the compressor.

Expansion Valve

This part works with a condenser coil. It helps the refrigerant turn back to liquid form after being pressurized.

Evaporator Coil

This is the most important part of the aircon unit. This is the part that picks up the heat that is coming inside of your room.

Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining Your Aircon Unit

Here are some of the common mistakes that you must avoid when maintaining the best quality of your aircon unit.

  1.     Buying an aircon unit that is too big for your area

A big AC unit will not make your room colder. Be specific with the size of the area that will match the proper size of an AC unit. Consult the store representative who can help you choose the proper size. 

  1.     Using the wrong thermostat for a specific room

Do not lower the temperature of your AC. 

  1.     Neglecting the regular inspection of your unit

Perform regular inspection of the unit and its parts. This entails regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair. For this, while you can learn more about it and check on your own, it is still highly advisable to have the professionals like Top Air Cond Services check it. They are more knowledgeable and they have the expertise to check and fix issues. 

  1.     Having the door or windows open

Close any doorways or openings to maintain the desired room temperature. Avoid lowering the unit’s temperature with these open as it may overwork your unit. 

  1. Attempting to DIY Repairs
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You may feel that you are equipped to take on cleaning and repairs on your own after reading online, but your tinkering may lead to greater damage to your unit – not to mention the greater risk of an accident in your home/ space. 

Make the best decision for your home and appliance by allowing Top Air Cond Services to take care of your appliance concerns. Give us a call today to know more about our services, and get a FREE quote, too!