Many people are considering whether or not it is worth it to upgrade their air conditioner.

A two-stage AC has the ability to cool off a home faster and more effectively than a single-stage, making them one of the best cooling systems recommended by our air conditioning experts from KL.

Homeowners need to know what they’re getting into if they choose this route, so keep reading!

What Is a Two-Stage AC Unit?

You may have probably heard about a two-stage AC unit from a friend, or perhaps just happen to come across it online.

Regardless of the reason you’re here, it’s vital to know what a two-stage AC unit is and what it can do for the home.

A single-stage AC system will cool down your house at about the same rate, no matter how many people are in the house or how hot it’s outside.

So when you have more than one person living in an apartment with little ventilation to speak of, chances are that you’ll hear complaints from someone who likes to be cold all day long.

However, with a two-stage AC system, there is an extra step in the process that will help you to cool down your home even faster.

It actually has two stages of cooling: a first stage and a second stage, which means it can get your house much cooler than other AC units out there on the market!

The primary difference between these systems is how they distribute cold air into your home–a single-stage system does not have any way for hot air from outside to be exhausted inside (otherwise known as “heat re-circulation”).

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This creates more humidity levels since warm moist air isn’t cooled before entering the interior of the house. With a two-stage AC unit, this isn’t really an issue because each time we turn off one compressor, we turn on the other–the unit will always have a way to exhaust hot air.

No matter what, it’s important for you to know and understand how your AC system works before making any decisions about upgrading or buying one in general- this is just one of many reasons why!

The Benefits of a Two-Stage Cooling System 

If you’re still not convinced why you should get a two-stage cooling system, it might be worth the time to read about some of the benefits that these systems offer.

The first major benefit is how quickly they cool down your home- when there is more than one person living in an apartment with little ventilation (i.e., floor vents), then this can make all the difference!

It also has two stages of cooling and heat re-circulation–this means when we turn off one compressor, we will always have another way for hot air from outside to enter inside: so even though sometimes humid weather may cause problems with single-stage AC units, this won’t be a problem with a second stage system.

Another benefit this cooling system can bring you is cost-effectiveness.

Since these systems are more efficient and cost less to operate, they’re great for people who want a way to keep their home cool without breaking the bank!

The last thing we’ll touch on is customer satisfaction–people love having two stages of cooling in their homes- it’s fast and effective and gives you an extra level of comfort inside your own living space.

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Is it Worth it to Upgrade to a Two-Stage Air Conditioner?

To answer your question directly, YES! It is indeed worth it to upgrade your air conditioner.

The two-stage AC unit is one of the best cooling systems out there- it will cool off a home more quickly and efficiently than other single-stage units, while also being cost-effective and customer satisfaction!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your house at just the right temperature all year long, then these are worth considering.


If you are considering upgrading to a two-stage air conditioner, we hope this post has helped shed some light on the benefits of such an upgrade.

When it comes time for replacement or installation, make sure you choose a contractor with experience in installing these types of systems.

Our expert team can answer any questions you may have about choosing the right type of AC unit for your home, as well as provide quotes that include labor costs so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay the bill!