It’s hot outside. Even though you have the air conditioning on, it just doesn’t seem to cool down your home or office enough. What are you going to do? Most people turn their AC off and put a fan in the window instead, but is that actually cheaper than running an air conditioner? And what about the energy usage between these two options? Read this article from a professional air conditioning service company for our take on whether or not it’s cheaper to run fans than air conditioning.

How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use Compared to Air Conditioning?

A fan uses about 50 watts of power. A window AC unit will use anywhere from 400-1000 watts, depending on the size and model (and whether or not it’s an energy saver mode). If you’re running your air conditioner at full blast all day long, that could cost up to $150/month in electricity usage! And if you’ve got multiple rooms with fans instead?

So is it cheaper to put a fan in every room than to spend money on cooling each one down? Not quite, at least when you compare them head-to-head like this. But there are other factors we should consider before coming to any conclusions.

How Do Fans Cool Your Home?


A fan simply moves air around. As the hot air is pulled into a room, it’s replaced by cooler outside air from an open window. The temperature of your home won’t change much at all if you have fans on instead of AC – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something to help!

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Fans do still cool down the room, even if their effect isn’t as noticeable as running an AC unit would be.

Is a Whole-House Fan or Air Conditioner Less Expensive?

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, installing a whole-house fan instead of air conditioning might be the better option. These fans cost much to install and use much less electricity than an AC unit would – only about 20 watts!

Although it can get up to 80 degrees outside, your home will still feel comfortable at 75 degrees when using a whole-house fan (compared to 70 degrees with an AC running). Fans don’t cool down the room as much as an AC does, but they’re definitely cheaper to run and can help save you money in the long run.

Is a Fan or an Air Conditioner Better?

fans vs aircon

A whole-house fan might be cheaper than air conditioning but won’t cool down your home as effectively (or at all if you don’t have A/C). On the other hand, putting fans in every room could get expensive for running them all day long!

An air conditioner will definitely help lower that electric bill of yours when summer comes along, but only if you actually turn it on instead of relying on fans alone. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which one is more convenient for your home and budget.


This blog post has shown you that, in some cases, it’s cheaper to run fans than air conditioning. To make the most of this finding, consider these points for your own home or business: use a ceiling fan on high when people are not present and adjust how long you have the AC running during peak periods.

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We hope this was helpful! Let us know if there are any questions we can answer about our findings or anything related to energy savings at your house or workplace.