If you are looking for a way to keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months, then you need air conditioning paired with a local AC technician.

There is nothing worse than being stuck inside of an uncomfortable house on a sweltering day!

However, while air conditioners can be great at keeping your home cool and comfortable, they also have some common problems that people often forget about when they install them.

In this blog post, we will go over the simple ways that you can troubleshoot these common problems before spending money on expensive repairs or replacements!

The Cooling Unit Won’t Turn On 

Among the most common issues when it comes to AC units are that it’s not cooling properly or that the unit won’t turn on at all.

If your AC appears to be functioning but you notice that it isn’t as cool as usual, then check these issues before calling a technician:

– Check for any power outages in the area and make sure there is electricity running to your home. This is usually the first place to look if your AC is not powering on.

– Is there a blown fuse or breaker? If yes, then make sure that you’ve replaced it and try again!

– Check for any loose wires around the electrical outlet where the unit plugs in. This could be something as simple as an unplugged wire.

If all else fails, then the problem might be right inside the AC and will need thorough checking.

The AC Won’t Cool My Room 

Another common problem is that the AC won’t cool a specific room.

There are several reasons that this could be happening, from an incorrectly set thermostat to not enough air in the unit. In any case, here’s what you can do:

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– Check the set temperature on your AC and make sure that it is turned up high enough. If not, then turn up the thermostat to reach a higher level.

– Make sure all of your windows are closed so nothing blocks airflow in or out from any rooms of the house. This includes doors as well!

– Check your refrigerants or coolant. If there is a leak, then your AC will not be able to cool the room because it’s losing too much of these important chemicals.

– Check for any loose clamps in your air ducts. This could restrict airflow and prevent enough cold refrigerated air from reaching the desired area.

If none of this solves the problem, then you may need to contact an expert who can diagnose and fix what’s wrong!

My Air conditioner Is Letting Out Hot Air 

No one wants to stay in a room that’s not being cooled enough since of course, sweat is the last thing that most people want to feel on a hot summer day.

If your AC is letting out hot air, then here’s what you can do:

– Check for any dirt or debris clogging the filter. This will restrict airflow and make it harder for cool air to reach all parts of the room. If so, clean it out!

– Make sure there are no holes in the ducts where cold refrigerated air could escape from as well. The only way this problem can be solved is by sealing up those leaks with metal tape or weather-stripping until they disappear altogether. Then check again!

– See if there are any parts of the AC unit that look dirty. If so, then clean them off with a cloth and make sure they’re completely dry before trying again!

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– Check your thermostat to see if it’s set too low. The only way to know is by tweaking the settings up until you find what works best for your home.

Aircon Is Suddenly Leaking 

A leaky AC conditioner isn’t only annoying, but it can bring all sorts of other problems such as mold growth, rust, and water damage.

If you notice that your AC is suddenly leaking, then here’s what to do:

– Check your AC’s drainage and make sure that water is flowing freely. If not, then clean the area and make sure it’s dry before trying again!

– To stop leaks, check the coils and the condensate drain pan. If they’re wet, then dry them with a cloth and make sure that no water is flowing into the AC vents when it rains!

– Look for any cracks on your air conditioner’s exterior or in the fins of the unit where leaks could occur. Make sure to seal these up as soon as possible so more damage doesn’t happen while you wait for a technician to arrive!

If none of this solves the problem, contact an expert right away who can diagnose and fix what’s wrong ASAP before too much damage occurs!


We hope you found this information useful. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, we recommend checking out the following tips to troubleshoot common AC problems and get it up and running again in no time!

Remember that if these fixes don’t work for you, contact us for professional technician assistance.

Do you have any other questions about how to keep your home cool during summer? Let us know by commenting below or calling us!