When it comes to aircon servicing, there are two main options: general servicing or chemical wash. Both of these have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it can be difficult to decide which option is right for you. Plus, the cost of each option can vary depending on the company you choose and the size of your aircon unit. When making your decision, it’s important to weigh all of these factors carefully.

General servicing

General servicing is the more affordable option, and it can be a good choice if your aircon unit isn’t too dirty. However, general servicing doesn’t clean the unit as thoroughly as chemical wash.

General servicing of your aircon is important to ensure that it is running efficiently and not using more energy than it needs to. A routine service will also help to extend the life of your aircon, as any potential problems can be caught and fixed before they cause major damage. Servicing generally involves cleaning the filters and coils, checking the refrigerant levels, and making sure that all the moving parts are well-lubricated. In some cases, a more comprehensive service may be required, such as if the aircon has not been used for a long period of time. However, even a basic service will help to keep your aircon in good condition and ensure that it continues to provide you with cooling relief during those hot summer days. General aircond servicing is typically done once a year, but you may need to do it more often if you live in an area with high dust or pollen levels. You can also have your aircon serviced more frequently if you use it a lot.

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General servicing is a good option if your aircon unit is still in good condition and doesn’t require a deep clean. It’s also a good choice if you’re on a budget, as it’s typically more affordable than chemical wash. The aircond specialist will assess your unit and determine whether a general service is sufficient or if a more comprehensive service is required. This can vary depending on the make and model of your aircon, as well as its age and how often it’s used.

However, if your unit is very dirty, you may want to consider chemical wash instead.

Aircond Chemical wash

Aircond chemical wash is a more thorough form of cleaning that can remove even the toughest dirt and grime from your aircon unit. It’s a good choice if your unit is very dirty or if it hasn’t been serviced in a while. Chemical wash is also a good option if you have allergies or asthma, as it can remove any dust or pollen that may be trapped in the unit.

The chemical wash process involves using a powerful cleaning solution to break down and remove all the dirt and grime from your aircon unit. This solution is safe for both you and your aircon, and it will leave your unit looking and smelling fresh. Chemical wash can be done as often as you like, but it’s generally recommended that you do it every two years.

The main advantage of chemical wash is that it provides a deep clean for your aircon unit. This can help to improve its efficiency and prolong its life. For example, if your aircon unit has been used for a long time without being serviced, the coils and filters may be clogged with dirt. This can cause the unit to use more energy as it tries to cool your home, and it can also lead to frequent breakdowns. A chemical wash will clean all of these parts and restore your aircon unit to its original condition. Clogged filters and coils can also cause your aircon to produce bad smells, so a chemical wash can also help to improve the quality of the air in your home.

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However, chemical wash is more expensive than general servicing, and it can be harsh on your aircon unit if it’s not done properly. It’s important to find a reputable aircond specialist who has experience in performing chemical wash. They will also be able to assess whether chemical wash is necessary or just a general wash and give you a more accurate quote.

When it comes to general aircond servicing vs chemical wash, it really depends on your individual circumstances. If your unit is still in good condition and doesn’t require a deep clean, then general servicing may be a good option for you. However, if your unit is very dirty or if it hasn’t been serviced in a while, then chemical wash may be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what’s best for your aircon unit and your budget. Whichever option you choose, make sure to find a reputable aircond specialist who can provide you with a good quality service.