With the heat slowly rising and summer days fast approaching, it can be uncomfortable staying in an area where you can’t feel cool, especially in tropical regions where humid weather is constant. Besides excessive sweating and feeling sticky, heat can bring many health issues that may affect you and your families, such as heat-stroke, skin problems, and dehydration. With that in mind, our local air cond specialist from Shah Alam encourage homeowners to purchase a conditioning system that would best suit their preference. However, when you don’t have any idea about air conditioning units, the task can be a bit challenging.

One promising AC you should consider looking into is floor-standing types. They’re great for businesses and wonderful for home use as well. Luckily, we have created this guide to teach you everything you need to know about this unit model so hurry up and check out below!

What is a Floor Standing Air Conditioner? 

A floor standing air conditioner works in the same way as a split air conditioner. The main distinction between the two is that floor-standing units are installed on the floor or an area that is very close to it.

If the floor is slightly raised in some situations, the air conditioner may be placed on it. But you can also position it below your window if it suits your preference better. Compared to other air conditioners, This type of AC is relatively small in size and more compact. However, if you want an immense AC, you can also go for the bigger models for maximum results.

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How Do Floor Standing Conditioners Work? 

You might be wondering how in the world do floor-standing AC’s work, but it actually operates just like any other conditioning system.

The floor standing air con is designed similarly to other air conditioning units and functions the same way as a wall-mounted system. It contains a filtration unit for cooling and heating that eliminates dust particles and a refrigerant, turbofan, and compressor. In order to change the direction of the cooling, some AC models have auto-swing fender vents, which is better to ensure you have control over where you want the direction of the cooling to directly hit.

When Should I Use a Floor Standing Air Conditioner? 

A floor-mounted unit is commonly used when installing an indoor unit of a general air conditioner isn’t possible since it is required to be mounted on the wall. This is often because of limited space on the room’s walls or even because of a building’s structure. For the last few decades, there have been many buildings with large windows and glass walls. So, going for a split wall system is impossible, and that is where a floor AC is preferred.

Furthermore, there are some areas where the wall is quite tricky to access. While in other cases, the ceilings are just too low or angled, leaving only a little space for a wall-mounted system installation. If you plan to use the AC unit in a room with many artworks such as painting and picture frames mounted to the wall, then a standing floor unit would be best since it won’t affect the area’s appearance and decoration.

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How Much Do Floor Standing Air Conditioning System Cost? 

One thing that makes floor-standing air units a much better choice is that they’re relatively cheaper than other AC types. They give excellent quality airflow and are effective in keeping your room cool regardless of what the weather is like outside. You can expect floor-standing air conditioning systems to cost about $300-$800, but that still depends on the brand, model, and type of AC you plan to purchase.


Floor-standing Ac’s are hot in the market right now because of the satisfactory performance they offer to both home and business owners. If you plan to purchase a new AC unit and don’t want to take up a lot of space, this model would surely be best for you!