Air con systems can be some of the biggest energy suckers in your home, but that’s not to say they should be neglected. Regular check-ups from reliable air conditioning specialist based in Malaysia and proper maintenance are some of the best ways to keep your system running at its full potential. A well-taken care conditioning system can give you a variety of benefits. Not only will you get a comfortable and cool place where you can fully relax, but the risk of health-related issues such as heat-stroke can be eliminated.

You might be surprised to learn that not keeping up with regular air conditioning maintenance poses several risks. Some of these problems can result in long-term damage that is expensive to repair. To help you understand better, we’ve compiled a list of the top six risks that can occur if you don’t service your unit, so keep reading!

1. Short Air conditioning System Lifespan 

If you notice that your air conditioner has many technical problems, it might be because you haven’t properly serviced it. When air conditioners are used for a long time, they can develop damage, and if they aren’t tested and inspected properly, things can quickly spiral out of control. In fact, many homeowners are surprised when their air conditioners break down when they least expect it, without realizing that this has happened due to poor maintenance.

If you don’t want to shorten your conditioning system’s lifespan and want to avoid spending a whole lot of cash in a new air-con unit, then you need to service and clean your air cond on a regular basis. It’ll surely help both you and your appliance!

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2. Poor Quality of Air

Your air conditioning system directly influences the indoor air quality of your home. A system that isn’t properly maintained won’t be able to filter air as efficiently as it can. Consequently, airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt, and allergens are likely to be abundant in your home. Thus, affecting your family members, especially those who have respiratory problems. Changing the air filter regularly is an essential part of normal AC maintenance. You must aim to change the air filter in your air conditioning system every one to three months to achieve the best results

3. Higher Electricity Expenses

An air conditioner that isn’t properly maintained won’t be able to cool your home efficiently. This means the air conditioning unit will have to work harder to obtain the correct temperature in your home. Because the air conditioning system runs 24 hours a day, it consumes a lot of energy. As a consequence, your cooling costs will rise. With this in thought, it’s critical not to think of AC maintenance as an expensive outlay. Instead, consider it a smart investment that will save you money throughout the cooling season.

4. Frequent AC Repairs and Part Replacement 

Another disadvantage of having your air conditioner running all the time just to keep your home cool is the increased wear and tear. The air conditioner’s components would wear out faster than they typically would. As a result, you’ll also have to deal with more replacement and repair. You can improve air conditioner efficiency, minimize excessive wear, and keep fixing to a minimum with regular AC maintenance. Units that are not properly maintained often experience airflow issues. This often results in a frozen cooling coil. It’s not unusual for an AC system to heat up and fail when this happens.

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5. The Air Conditioner Does Not Performing Well

Nothing beats the feeling of frustration when you come home from a hot and tiring day at work just to find out that your air conditioning unit isn’t working. If you don’t practice regular servicing for your unit, its performance will become affected and sabotage, leading you to feel even more stressed than you would when you opt to get it regularly checked.


Air conditioners are essential in our daily lives. They provide us with comfort at home and at work, so it’s only fair that we take proper care of them. If you’re too lazy to get your air conditioner serviced, keep these risks in mind; it will undoubtedly benefit you.