For some people, maintaining their AC unit is a task that falls under their “things to do when life gets boring” list. But neglecting your AC can be costly and sometimes even dangerous. Most homeowners don’t think twice about their air conditioning system until they have a problem with it or realize how much money they’re spending on electricity for nothing because their system isn’t running efficiently! If you don’t want to suffer the same fate as these people, it’s vital that you seek the help of a reliable AC technician who can assist you with your needs.

Before you start thinking that maintenance is just an inconvenience, think again! A broken AC could be a sign of something much more serious going on. So if you’re noticing some strange things happening with your unit, take action right away. Here are three common problems homeowners should be aware of:

1. Leaks Coming From Your AC system 

Among the most common problems homeowners tend to face are leaks. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a wet floor and realizing that your air conditioner has been leaking. It can be difficult to know where the leak is coming from, especially when you don’t have it regularly inspected. The most likely culprit is the refrigerant line having a loose connection, and while these leaks can be easy to fix, they must be repaired promptly to prevent damage to your A/C system.

Homes with air conditioning units are at a higher risk for water damage. Leaks from the AC unit can cause mold and mildew to grow, which will make your home smell terrible and could potentially lead to respiratory problems. Furthermore, leaks can also ruin the foundation of your homes such as the walls, ceilings, and floors. It will rot any wood material you may have leading to costly expenses and even irreversible damage. The best way to prevent this is by fixing leaks before they happen!

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2. Uncleaned Air Conditioning Air filter 

The job of an air conditioner filter is to keep the airflow clean and clear of contaminants and pollutants. If not maintained well, the AC’s airflow is restricted by a clogged air filter, which reduces the effectiveness of your air conditioning system. A dirty AC filter is a problem that many people don’t take seriously. It might seem like it’s not too big of an issue, but in reality, this can cause major problems for your home or business.

If your AC filter isn’t clean enough, then it will have a hard time cooling the air inside! This means you’ll be paying more for energy costs, and you won’t feel as cool as usual. Luckily there are solutions to help combat these issues with dirty filters and these are regular cleaning and servicing from a professional aircon service provider. When it comes to changing or cleaning the air filter, always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations. The average wait period is 3-4 months. Besides that, you can also purchase smart AC controllers that will assist you in monitoring the status of your system’s filters. They will give a warning when the air filter needs to be cleaned.

3. The Evaporator Coil of Your Air Conditioner Freezes 

Did you suddenly start noticing your AC system isn’t cooling the way it used to be? You might be dealing with an internal problem! If you have ever had your air conditioner stop working in the middle of a hot summer, then you know how frustrating this can be. One of the most common causes for this is when the evaporator coil freezes, and they are not able to produce cold air.

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When the air conditioning unit doesn’t get enough air to run, the evaporator coil freezes, which will then be the cause of a not properly working AC system. To avoid such a thing from happening, always have your air conditioner inspected by a professional since they can easily detect if issues are beginning to develop in your evaporator coil.


These are among the most common AC-related issues that homeowners can encounter prior to or during peak air conditioner use periods. These concerns must be addressed in order to prevent more serious air conditioner issues. You can now easily evaluate these issues with your air conditioning systems and get them fixed real soon with this latest knowledge on air conditioner problems.