No one wants to go into their air conditioner and find a bunch of dirt, grime, mold, bacteria, or other debris.

This is why it’s important to clean your AC annually by calling a professional by Top Air Cond Services. They can either do a chemical cleaning or an overhaul cleaning.

Which one should you choose? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of each type of cleaner and give some tips on how to keep your AC running smoothly all year long!

What Is Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning? 

Our AC units will not be able to function well without getting cleaned. Cleaning is a vital aspect that ensures the cooling system and all its internal elements are working in good condition.

One type of cleaning for an AC is chemical cleaning. This type of cleaning will involve the use of specially designed chemicals to remove and absorb dirt, grease, oil, bacteria, or other debris from your home’s cooling system.

Chemical cleaning is intended for use on all types of cooling systems including, but not limited to, window air conditioners, central refrigeration systems, and heat pumps.

The chemicals are sprayed or applied by brush to the external components of your system as a solution is scrubbed into surfaces with water and soaked up by a towel. This process will leave you with equipment that runs more effectively and uses less energy than if it had remained unclean for long periods of time.

To get the best performance out of your AC unit, it’s recommended this cleaning be done annually!

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The Benefits of Chemical Cleaning For AC Units 

Chemical cleaning can clean a cooling system, removing dirt and debris that would otherwise accumulate or hinder its performance.

The chemicals are designed to remove any grime without harming the equipment or those who come in contact with it.

Chemical cleaning is also beneficial because it removes bacteria from your AC unit’s coils, which can lead to mold growth inside them.

Mold will result in higher operating costs for you, as well as an unpleasant odor coming from your home while the AC is running!

In addition, chemical cleaning protects against corrosion of metal surfaces such as condenser fins and evaporator tubes by using cleaners that do not contain acid-based solutions.

This type of cleaner has no risk of damaging expensive components like motors, capacitors, and other electrical parts, making it very safe for all types of AC units!

What Is Overhaul Cleaning? 

Overhaul cleaning is considered to be more thorough than chemical cleaning. This type of cleaning will involve the use of heat and water pressure to remove debris from deep inside your cooling system, making it more effective for those who are looking for a deeper clean!

It is recommended that this type of cleanup be done every five years if you live in an area with hard or salty water because it can cause corrosion over time on metal surfaces like condenser fins, evaporator tubes, and other parts.

Overhaul Cleaning involves removing dirt and grime by using pressurized hot water; heating up equipment with steam jets until all goo has boiled off; blowing out contaminants that have accumulated inside the unit’s tubing with compressed air; then rinsing everything down again with cold water.

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Overhaul Cleaning is a good solution for those looking for an intense clean!

The Benefits of Overhaul Cleaning For Your Cooling System

When it comes to overhauling cleaning, it offers several benefits that make it ideal for any AC user.

Overhaul cleaning can remove dirt and grime from all surfaces of your AC unit, leaving it in better condition than if you had only done a chemical cleaning.

It can also remove more contaminants that may accumulate inside the cooling system’s tubing over time by using hot water and compressed air to blow them out.

This type of cleaning can easily save you more money by improving the longevity of your AC unit.


So, what is the best way to keep your AC in tip-top shape? Chemical cleaning or overhaul cleaning?

The bottom line is that it depends on how much time and effort you want to put into maintaining your air conditioner.

If rust has accumulated over a period of years, chemical cleaning may be necessary because an overhaul clean takes more time than just spraying down parts with chemicals before reassembling them.

On the other hand, if there isn’t any visible evidence of corrosion but you’re experiencing general wear and tear (e.g., leaks), then going through an overhaul clean might be worth it.