Although air conditioning systems can be hard to maintain, it doesn’t mean you should just give up and let it be. If you want your air-con unit to provide you with the best results, a regular check-up from a reputable air conditioning company is always a must to ensure that your unit is in good running shape. A well-taken care conditioning system can provide you with a lot of benefits such as comfort and better health, while one that isn’t can cause you a total nightmare.

If you don’t like to spend your hot summer days sweating from the heat because of conditioning problems, spare a few minutes to learn about what causes air conditioner failures, so you can be aware of these issues and prevent them. Check out below to know more!

Frozen Air conditioner Evaporator Coils 

Is your AC not doing its task well? Are you suddenly getting warm air from your unit? If you answered yes, then you might be dealing with a frozen evaporator coil! The evaporator coil is loaded with refrigerant and acts as a sponge, extracting heat from the air.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, those coils require warm air to function correctly. When the airflow is disrupted, and the evaporator coil becomes too cold, a layer of ice may form on the outside. When this happens, it’s best to call a technician for help.

Dirty Air Conditioning Condenser Coils 

The job of your unit’s condenser coils is to get rid of the heat taken from your room’s air by expelling it right outside your building. So if it encounters some issue, you’re in for a lot of trouble! The condenser coil will not perform well when it gets tainted with a layer of grime and dirt. This is a common problem, especially in places that are filled with soot and air pollution.

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As a result, Heat transfer is prevented, and your appliance has to work much harder to do its job, resulting in increased wear on the components and even system failure.

Conditioning System Thermostat Issues

This type of problem is quite common, particularly for those who still have the old version of dial-type thermostats. They may be miscalibrated, implying that your air conditioning system isn’t receiving the correct instructions from the control unit. But don’t worry! This type of problem is easy to fix by simply recalibrating to replacing your thermostat. However, if you have the new programmable thermostat, you need to check with your manufacturer since this can be a little tricky.

Clogged Air Con Drains 

All of the moisture in the air that your air-con eliminates has to go somewhere, and that’s where your drain and drain lines come into light. The moisture Is meant to be drained out of the room through a drain line, into a pan, and then finally down a drain. However, water will back up and destroy your AC system if the drain or line becomes clogged or if the pan happens to be full.

In worst cases, this could end up causing damage to your walls, ceilings, and furniture since moisture can lead to mold growth.

Leaking Conditioning Unit Ducts 

The cooled air from the ac unit is carried across your space by ductwork that goes through your ceilings and walls. However, if the ducts have breaks or holes (usually caused by rodents or tackles workers), that costly cooled air will just end up inside your walls, where no one would benefit. As a result, your AC unit will strive harder, leading to higher energy bills.

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There are many problems that can arise in an unmaintained conditioning unit. If you want to prevent AC failure, then always seek the help of a professional to ensure your system will last you a long time.