Whether you use it for commercial or residential purposes, an aircon unit is a great device to have which helps give you and everyone in your vicinity the ultimate comfort. Our air cond team from Shah Alam is called each month to properly maintain and service an aircon unit because all home and business owners know how vital this device is for their place. Without a conditioning unit, it can be quite uncomfortable to work on even the easiest task. You’ll sweat a lot, making you prone to skin allergies and even other health issues. Therefore, it’s crucial that you properly take care of your air conditioner to avoid problems from happening.

However, when issues arise where your air-con begins to smell bad, or it produces a stench that doesn’t seem to be normal, it’s certainly an alarming situation. A stinky AC is the result of various external and internal factors affecting the machines, and we have listed here the top 3 possible reasons why this may be happening:

1. Mold Can Be Developing In Your Air Cond

If you start smelling a must odor out of the blue and can’t seem to pin the exact location it’s coming from, you might want to check your Aircon unit. Excess moisture and humidity within your air conditioning unit will lead to mold and mildew development. As a result, your cooling system becomes highly damp and moist, allowing these organisms to sprout and multiply rapidly. Furthermore, molds can also develop on the areas surrounding your air-con especially when the place is frequently damp due to AC droplets.

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If molds are left untreated, and you just continue to run your air-con, you’ll get more than just a stinky-smelling room. Your AC unit might get damaged by these molds resulting in costly repairs. To stop such a situation from happening in the first place, be on the lookout for faulty leaks in your air conditioner and have it fixed right away if you stumble across one.

2. Burn Smell From an AC Can Be Overheating

Have you ever tried relaxing in your room while listening to your favorite music when suddenly your AC unit let out a burning smell? Well if you have, then you most likely scrambled to your feet and turned off your unit. It’s natural to feel alarmed, but this isn’t something that will burst out in flames and burn your house down (Thank God!) but although this is the case, your AC might be susceptible to overheating.

As soon as you notice this issue, look for a generator that might be overheating or defective wiring. One thing to you must also be aware of is that the smell can sometimes resemble gunpowder or even burnt, melted plastic. To be safe, call in your professional conditioning technician to help you with your problem since this might damage your cooling system if you just let it be.

3. Rotting AC Odor May Be Due to Dead Animal

Surprising as it may seem, pests such as tiny mice can go inside your AC unit. Rats and mice love dark, cold places since this is where they hide from possible threats, so it isn’t uncommon for them to seek refuge in your turned-off AC unit. When you suddenly get that horrid smell of rotting carcass and can’t seem to find it in your room, you might have to check your AC to see if any animal may have winded up in there.

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It’s best to leave problems like this to the experts, as they may require the air conditioning unit to be opened up and thoroughly inspected from the inside. Furthermore, if an animal has passed through, they would have to clean the whole device to eliminate the odor.


It can be frustrating to have your conditioning system let out a smell that it normally shouldn’t. Air fresheners, humidifiers, or scented spray wouldn’t be able to fix an air issue if it’s coming from your AC, so it’s better to go for a professional if you notice an awful smell coming out from your system.